Learning Cloud Author 1.55

On Thursday 23th February​​​​​​​, a new version of Learning Cloud Author 1.55 will be released. It includes several enhancements:

  • Editing is smoother, especially when working with text.
  • Content loads faster, both when previewing and when launched from the LMS.
  • Publication packaging takes less time to generate.
  • It is possible to add conditions to enable and disable page forward and page back buttons.
  • It is easier to assign values to design properties using the keyboard.
  • In the “easy” editing mode it is no longer possible to add pages, pop-ups and blank notifications.
  • It is possible to open several unit pages in different tabs by using the combination “Ctrl + click” (in list mode view).
  • The design of the external units page has been adapted.
  • The creation of authoring units from Word documents has been adapted for integration into the theme selector.
  • The xAPI packages include metadata with information on the tool with which they have been created, and various identifiers

In addition, the latest updates of the authoring module (maker) have been incorporated, along with other small improvements, internal functionalities and some bugs have been fixed.