learningCloud 4.5.5 – Pathways with stages

As an administrator

The Pathways tool allows the creation of training itineraries by establishing blocks between Sprints to determine prerequisites between training content. From version 4.5.5 stages are established within Pathways.

Establishing stages allows to divide the training content and establish more flexible learning paths. Within each stage, at least one Sprint is required and there can be as many Sprints as we want. Stages establish blocks between each other. If you want to advance to the next stage you must have done (and completed) all Sprints marked as required in the previous stage.

In each stage there is no mandatory order for the completion of Sprints. Sprints can be performed in any order, only the order “recommended” by the administrator when establishing the list of Sprints will be part of a stage.

To change the order of the Sprints, simply drag & drop the Sprints to the desired position.

The Pathway may or may not have an associated badge that would be assigned after the Pathway is completed. If the requirements change during the process, i.e. if we increase the number of required Sprints or decrease the progress of the Pathway is calculated dynamically so that only students who have not completed the Pathway are affected.

As a student

A student when accessing their Pathway will see those Sprints belonging to the same stage unlocked and those belonging to a subsequent stage blocked.

As the students complete the Sprints, the next stages will be unlocked.

Students can view their progress and the Pathway badges any time.

One of the improvements introduced in this new release is that Sprints that belong to a pathway and are blocked, although they appear on the carousels, cannot be accessed.