LC6. July 2024 First release.

Release date: July 4th, 2024.


New Diploma Templates.

You can now choose between classic templates and new diploma templates created with Author. These new templates offer several advantages:

  • They are multi-language, adapting to the needs of all users.
  • They allow different versions of the same template, facilitating customization.
  • Diplomas are generated only once and remain available for download at any time, improving efficiency and user experience.
  • Any author can create their own templates, expanding design and customization options.

This feature is available for all instances with Author activated.

More information.

Important Changes in User Permissions.

  • Attendance Marking by Group Administrators Group administrators can now mark attendance for events for their group members. This improvement streamlines attendance management and allows for more precise participation tracking.
  • Content Publishing by Authors Authors can now publish content without needing validation from a validator. This change grants authors greater autonomy and speeds up the workflow.