LC6. June 2024 First release

Release date: June 19th, 2024


Learning Programs trainings in the Users profiles

Now when you enter the Users section and click on any of them, you can see all their trainings, including those of Learning Programs.

This feature is available for all instances with Learning Programs activated.

Author role can publish/unpublish

New permissions for the author roles, giving them the ability to publish and unpublish their content and the content of their catalogues. This way, all the authors of a catalogue can publish any of the contents that belong to it, not only their own creations.

This feature is available for all instances.

Share Shorts in Learner Portal

The integration of Share in Learner Portal is improved, adding the Shorts carousel that shows posts of this type available for the user to browse. This increases the visibility of Share on the platform and makes it easier to access the content.

This feature is available for all instances with Share activated.

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