LC6. October 2023 First release

Release date: Wednesday, October 18th.


Extended fields for pathways

From this version onwards, administrators will be able to create extended fields for training pathways. The purpose of these fields is to help classify and find content more efficiently.

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New themes available: Lisbon, Porto, Osaka

The 1 series of themes is growing. In addition to the Sidney theme, we now have the Lisbon, Porto and Osaka themes, a series of themes designed to quickly create attractive, interactive content that will look great on any device where it is launched (both mobile devices and desktop and laptop computers), simply by choosing and dragging the different content blocks available: texts, images (with areas and markers) interactive videos, accordions, tabs, galleries, and a variety of questions: single answer, multiple answer, free text, relate items, sort list, drag over image, likert.

Valid for any subject. It is possible to create content in any of the themes of series 1, and change it for another of the same series a posteriori.

Component tree

Now authors with a Professional licence can see the tree with the structure of the components in a new panel, to know their hierarchy, and to be able to move them more comfortably.

Improved buttons

The buttons can be configured so that the content does not allow the learner to move on to the next page, or be considered completed, until the learner interacts (clicks) on the buttons that the author considers. Also with the advanced buttons.