Learning Cloud Author 1.56

On Thursday 15th March​​​​​​​, a new version of LearningCloud Author (v1.56) will be released. It includes several enhancements:

  • A new type of activity is available: Drag over image.
  • Feedback can be displayed depending on the score obtained in a questionnaire.
  • It is now possible to change the size of a word or a sentence in a particular text.
  • When exporting texts in XLIFF format to send for translation, it is possible to exclude texts from the templates and symbols of pre-packaged structures in the theme.
  • You can indicate at what point in the video the learner is considered to have completed the video, so that it is not necessary for the learner to watch the end credits.
  • New action for buttons: It is possible to reset the learner’s progress in the content: videos and audios go back to the second zero of playback, the time spent for completing time-limited quizzes goes back to 0, etc.

In addition, the latest updates of the authoring module (maker) have been incorporated, along with other small improvements, internal functionalities and some bugs have been fixed.