learningCloud 5.17.1 – Validation at the training level and new author filter.

Validation at training level

Until now, if a user was enrolled in a sprint or channel training that they had previously completed, the platform automatically validated the enrolment in the new training and the user did not need to complete it again.

Now administrators and group administrators can decide, when creating a new training, whether it is validatable or not. The default behaviour will be the current one (it will be validatable) but they will be able to change this behaviour so that users who register for this new training will have to complete it again.

In many occasions an employee must re-complete a training to obtain an annual certification. In this type of scenario it is necessary to deactivate the option “validations” in the training.

Filtering by author in the sprints and channels list

We have added a new filter in the screen that shows the list of sprints and in the screen that shows the list of channels to allow filtering by author.

This way it is possible to display all the sprints or channels that have been created by a specific author.