LMS significant learner portal changes

In order to make training easy to find and understand, Learning Cloud will adopt new names for carousels. These changes will show up in the side menu and the portal carousels by 31st January.

This update will enable users to find content quicker than before, becoming a seamless experience to identify mandatory and optional training.

Carousel NameCarousel Goal
FeaturedTraining that has been highlighted by the administrator to all users who are enrolled in them
Keep LearningTraining where the user is enrolled, their progress is higher than zero, and they are not completed by the user
RequiredTraining that has been made compulsory by the administrator and has not been completed yet by the user
My ListTraining where the user has clicked on the “Add to my list” button
ExploreMandatory, optional or recommended training, public and non-public courses
SoonTraining that will start in a near future
New nomenclature