News on reports and teacher-student chat

Release date: 18th January 2024

New feature allows to download reports

The recent launch of the Admin Portal 6.15 brings a key improvement to get the most out of the Reports: the ability to export and donwload lists on a CSV file. Users can review this on any computer or upload it to a data cloud.

This feature is currently only available for Courses and Users reports. It will be available for Pathways by January 31st.

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Teacher-student direct chat

The new version of Admin Portal 6.15 adds a chat tool that allows direct communication between teacher and student, supervised by the administrator. This tool is available for courses, and is integrated in the platform interface. The Admin Portal displays it as a new tab within the training, and in the Learner Portal as a new button within the content.

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Extended Fields for events

Learning Cloud 6 brought recently the feature to create an specific field for Courses or Itineraries. We are proud to announce that now the specific field for Events too.

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