LC6. February 2024 Second release.

Release date: 22 January


Changes to the administrator portal

On February 1st at 4:00 AM CEST, we will welcome the new administration and student portals, replacing the old ones. This update will be completely transparent to all our users, as they will still be able to access the new portals through the application icons, just as they have done until now.


Assigning playlists to users

From now on, the administrator can assign playlists to users based on different criteria. Only those assigned to playlists will have the ability to view and subscribe to them.

New dashboard for administrators

We have launched a new dashboard that allows you to easily view the activity summary. This dashboard is available within the admin portal and allows you to view the number of posts produced within the tenant.

Playlist metrics:

  • Average number of posts per playlist
  • Average number of comments per post
  • Number of posts that are links and articles, including percentage view option.
  • Evolution of posts per month.
  • Monthly visits graph
  • Playlists with more activity by tags
  • Order of playlists by popularity
  • Most commented posts

Metrics of authors:

  • Most popular authors
  • Most active authors

More information.


Embedded component

An evolution of the old IFrame component, which changes its name and expands its possibilities. In addition to embedding content from an external URL, it also allows you to embed external animations and other types of content created with Canva, Adobe Illustrator or Genially.

More information.